Must-have car accessories for Nigerian drivers

11 Must-have Car Accessories for Nigerian Drivers

As Nigerian drivers, we face unique challenges on the road, from driving through bustling city traffic to managing our ways across rugged highways. To enhance our driving experience and tackle these challenges head-on, it’s essential to equip our vehicles with the right car accessories.

Whether it’s for safety, convenience, or comfort, having the right car accessories can make all the difference. So, today, we introduce you to some must-have accessories that every Nigerian driver should consider adding to their vehicle.

Must-have car accessories for Nigerian drivers

Must-Have Car Accessories for Nigerian Drivers

Here are 11 must-have car accessories for Nigerian drivers:

1. First Aid Kit

first aid kit - must-have car accesory

A first aid kit is a toolbox that contains different medical equipments often needed for first-aid assistance to an injury or wound. This kit is one of the indispensable car accessories in emergencies, as it provides essential medical supplies to treat injuries promptly.

While road accidents always happen unexpectedly, having a first aid kit on hand can mean the difference between life and death.

2. Emergency Triangle (Caution Sign)

emergency triangle

An emergency triangle is often a red flashy triangle that’s used to pass a warning message to oncoming traffic. It increases visibility in case of breakdowns or accidents, alerting other drivers to proceed with caution.

With the chaotic traffic conditions in Nigeria, an emergency triangle can help prevent further accidents and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

3. Fire Extinguisher

fire extinguisher - car accessory

A fire extinguisher is a vital safety tool, especially in the event of electrical or engine-related fires. With poorly maintained vehicles and occasional fuel leaks on Nigerian roads, having a fire extinguisher onboard can help prevent small fires from escalating into catastrophic incidents.

These first 3 accessories are safety essentials you should always prioritize before moving onto the road, especially considering the unpredictable nature of Nigerian traffic. Besides, they are amongst the essential tool required to have in a vehicle, as indicated in the Nigerian Highway Code.

Investing in these safety essentials not only protects you and your passengers but also promotes responsible driving practices, contributing to overall road safety in Nigeria.

4. Tire Pressure Gauge

Tire Pressure Gauge - car accesory

A tire pressure gauge allows you to monitor tire pressure regularly and adjust it as needed. This helps to reduce the risk of tire blowouts, improving fuel economy, and enhancing overall driving stability.

Proper tire pressure is critical for vehicle safety, fuel efficiency, and optimal handling, especially on Nigerian roads known for their potholes and uneven surfaces. You might want to check out some of the affordable ones on Konga.

5. Portable Jump Starter

Portable jump starter - car accessory

With a portable jump starter, you can quickly and safely restart your vehicle in the event of a dead battery. Dead batteries are a common occurrence, especially in older vehicles or those with electrical issues. And, in case you don’t know, old vehicles are the most commonly used on Nigerian roads.

That said, a portable jump starter is another car accessory that provides a convenient solution for jump-starting your vehicle without the need for another vehicle or roadside assistance. This allows you to minimize downtime and avoid the need for costly towing services or roadside assistance.

6. Car Tool Kit

car tool kit

A car tool kit, containing essential tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, and pliers empowers you to tackle minor repairs and maintenance tasks independently. It is a car accessory that helps you save time, money, and inconvenience.

Minor repairs and maintenance tasks may be necessary while on the road, especially during long journeys or in remote areas where professional assistance may be scarce. Rather than raging and lamenting on a lonely road, with a car toolkit, you can perform simple services on your vehicle yourself.

Ensuring your vehicle remains in top condition and prepared for emergencies is essential for hassle-free driving experiences.

7. Seat Covers

Nigerian weather can be harsh, with high temperatures and humidity levels taking a toll on vehicle interiors. When this happens, quality seat covers will not only protect your car seats from wear and tear but also enhance comfort during long journeys.

Mind you, if you’re to invest in seat covers, it is best to opt for the ones made from breathable materials. Such materials can help improve comfort, reduce sweat and discomfort, and prolong the lifespan of your vehicle’s upholstery.

You might also want to check out car window tinting tips for Nigerian weather.

8. Car Cooler/Warmer

portable car cooler

Have you heard of or seen a car cooler before? While it may not be very popular in Nigeria, it is a portable refrigerator capable of functioning in a vehicle.

You’ll agree that staying hydrated and refreshed is essential during long drives, especially in Nigeria’s hot and humid climate. Rather than thinking of the next road hawkers to get chilled drinks from, a car cooler/warmer helps you keep snacks and beverages chilled or heated. It provides refreshments on the go and enhances passenger comfort.

You might want to check out some available car coolers in Nigeria on Konga.

9. GPS Navigation System

Nigerian roads can be complex and poorly marked, especially in rural areas or unfamiliar territories. However, in a modern society, GPS navigation systems empower drivers to navigate through different unfamiliar roads with confidence.

A GPS navigation system provides real-time directions and traffic updates. It directs you on where to turn, gives you an insight of the traffic situation ahead, and helps you reach your destination efficiently.

With this technology, you can avoid parking and asking strangers for direction, while reducing your risks of getting lost. You can install the system on your dash monitor and you can access it via your mobile phone.


10. Car Phone Holder/Car Phone Mount

car phone holder

A car phone holder is a clipping device that stays on your windscreen or somewhere around your dashboard, allowing you to clip your phone onto it. Using this device often goes hand-in-hand with your use of a navigation system through your device.

These accessories keep your phone securely in place, allowing hands-free access to navigation apps and music streaming services while keeping your eyes on the road. It is especially useful for daily drivers who may want to access their phones while focusing on the road.

That said, you might want to check out our top picks for the best car phone holders under NGN5000.

11. USB Car Charger

USB Car Charger

A USB car charger is a charger designed for use in a car. Unlike regular charger, it has no dual or 3 pin connectors; rather, it comes with a connector capable of working in your car cigarette lighter hole.

With the prevalence of smartphones and other electronic devices, a USB car charger is essential for keeping your devices powered up during long drives.

Mind you, USB car charger varies by power and voltage capacity. Depending on the capacity of your phone, you may want to opt for the ones with a 5v and 3.0/3.1 QC. If you use iPhone devices, it’s better you go for the ones certified by Apple.

You might want to check out some notable USB car chargers available in the Nigeria market.

Final Note

With these must-have car accessories, Nigerian drivers can navigate the roads with confidence, safety, and convenience. Whether you’re embarking on a long road trip or simply commuting to work, investing in the right tools can enhance your driving experience and make every journey more enjoyable.

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