how many derica is in a bag of rice

How Many Derica Is in a Bag of Rice? (Detailed Answer Here)

When it comes to grocery shopping in Nigeria, you’ll encounter various measurements that might leave you scratching your head. From paint buckets to cups, Nigerians have devised unique ways to measure and sell commodities.

One of the most common questions that arise is, “How many derica is in a bag of rice?” If you’ve ever wondered about this unconventional but widely used measurement, you’re in the right place.

A bag of rice weighing 50kg contains about 64 derica, depending on the kind of rice it is. And by derica, we refer to the 800g (0.8kg) tomato tin, which is commonly used to measure rice in many parts of the country. Scroll down to find a more detail answer about this. Maybe the insight shared will be useful for your rice-selling business.

how many derica is in a bag of rice

Understanding the Derica Measurement

To comprehend how many derica are in a bag of rice, let’s start by understanding what a derica is and why it’s used.

A derica is a traditional measurement used in Nigeria to quantify food items like grains, rice, beans, and garri. The term “derica” is derived from the Hausa language, one of Nigeria’s prominent ethnic languages. It’s essentially a volume measurement, and it’s commonly used in local markets and by street vendors.

Derica Sizes

Derica measurements can vary slightly depending on the region and the commodity being measured. However, there are two primary derica sizes:

  1. Full Derica: This is the larger of the two and is often used for staple foods like rice and beans. A full derica is typically equivalent to 800 grams or 0.8kg.
  2. Half Derica: As the name suggests, this is half the size of a full derica, measuring approximately 400 grams or 0.4kg. It’s also commonly used for measuring rice in smaller quantity, and other food items like crayfish or spices.

Standard Bag of Rice

In Nigeria, a standard bag of rice typically weighs 50 kilograms. This is equivalent to 50,000 grams. Now, let’s figure out how many derica are in a bag of rice.

Calculating with a Full Derica

To calculate how many full derica are in a 50-kilogram bag of rice, we need to convert both measurements to the same unit. Since a full derica measures 800 gram, converting a 50kg bag of rice to gram will give us 50,000 grams.

Now, we divide the total weight of the bag of rice (50,000 grams) by the weight of one full derica (800 grams):

50,000 grams ÷ 800 grams per full derica = 62.5 full derica.

So, there are approximately 63 full derica of rice in a 50-kilogram bag of rice. Note that you’d most likely find extra grains of about 1 full derica, depending on the kind of rice it is. This is why we conclude that a bag of rice contains about 64 full derica.

Calculating with a Half Derica

Similarly, if we want to find out how many half derica are in a 50-kilogram bag of rice, we use the same conversion factor: 1 kilogram = 1,000 grams.

A half derica is approximately 400g. Now, we divide the total weight of the bag of rice (50,000 grams) by the weight of one half derica (400 grams):

50,000 grams ÷ 400 grams per half derica = 125 half derica.

That means a bag of rice contains 125 half derica of rice in a 50-kilogram bag.

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Factors To Consider When Measuring Derica in a Bag of Rice

While these calculations provide a rough estimate, there are factors to keep in mind that can affect the actual number of derica in a bag of rice:

a. Rice Density

The density of rice can vary depending on factors like the variety of rice and how it’s processed. Some rice may be denser than others, impacting the volume it occupies in a derica.

b. Fill Level

How sellers measure a full derica can also affect the quantity. Some sellers may fill derica to the brim, while others may leave some space, resulting in variations in quantity.

c. Local Variations

In different regions of Nigeria, the standard derica sizes may vary slightly. It’s always a good idea to confirm with the seller about the specific size they are using.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions related to rice and the derica measurements:

How many cups of rice are in a derica?

A derica contains four cups of rice. Depending on the rice density and the state of the derica measuring object, the measurement may be slightly lower.

How many gram is 1 derica of rice?

1 derica of rice weighs between 800g to 850g. Note that the weight of the standard derica is 800g, but the consideration of the rice volume may add a slight amount to the weight.

Final Note

So, there you have it – a bag of rice in Nigeria can roughly translate to about 64 full derica or 125 half derica, depending on whether you’re using full or half derica measurements. While this measurement system might seem unconventional to some, it’s a practical way of buying and selling some food items in many Nigerian local markets and shops. At least, if suffices for where precise weighing scales may not always be available.

Once again, keep in mind that these calculations provide an estimate, and actual quantities may vary based on factors like rice density and measurement.

When shopping for groceries in Nigeria, it’s always a good practice to clarify with the seller regarding the specific measurements they use. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently navigate the local market and make informed choices when purchasing that bag of rice for your next delicious meal!

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