How much is Dove body scrub in Nigeria

How Much Is Dove Body Scrub in Nigeria?

Wondering how much is Dove body scrub in Nigeria? You’ll get the answers here. When it comes to skincare, one of the top names you’ll likely encounter is Dove. Renowned for its gentle and nourishing products, Dove offers a range of skincare items that cater to various needs.

Among these products, the Dove Body Scrub emerges as an option for those seeking smooth and radiant skin. Dove body scrub price ranges from ₦9,500 – ₦17,000 in Nigeria; so, you might argue that it’s relatively affordable, right?

In this post, we explore 5 top Dove body scrubs, their prices in Nigeria, and what to know about them.

What To Know About the Dove Body Scrub

Before we dive into the financial details, let’s take a moment to make you understand what the Dove Body Scrub brings to the table. Designed to exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin, this scrub is a delightful blend of gentle exfoliants and nourishing ingredients.

Whether you’re dealing with dry patches, dullness, or simply aiming for a spa-like experience at home, the Dove Body Scrub promises to be a reliable companion on your skincare journey.

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Peeling Back the Price: How Much is Dove Body Scrub in Nigeria?

The price of Dove body scrub in Nigeria ranges from affordable to moderately priced, depending on various factors such as the specific variant, size, and the location of purchase.

On average, you can expect to find Dove Body Scrubs starting from around ₦9,500 to ₦17,000 Naira or even slightly higher or lower, depending on your location. Please note that prices might vary across different retailers, both physical stores and online platforms.

Below is a highlight of notable Dove body scrub products, including their prices in Nigeria.

Dove Body Scrub Image Price in Nigeria

Dove Body Polish, Exfoliating, Crushed Macadamia & Rice Milk (225ml)

How much is Dove body scrub in Nigeria ₦10,500

Dove Exfoliating Brown Sugar & Coconut Body Polish Scrub (225ml)


Dove Exfoliating Pomegranate Seeds & Shea Butter Scent Body Scrub (225ml)

How much is Dove body scrub in Nigeria ₦10,500

Dove Colloidal Oatmeal & Calendula Oil Exfoliating Body Scrub


Dove Exfoliating Body ScrubW/kiwi Seeds & Cool Aloe Scent


Factors Influencing Dove Body Scrub Prices

The price of Dove Body Scrub in Nigeria isn’t set in stone; it’s influenced by a range of factors. Here’s a breakdown of what might contribute to the fluctuations in pricing:

1. Product Variant

Dove offers an array of body scrubs, each formulated to cater to specific skin needs. From invigorating exfoliation to ultra-moisturizing options, the variant you choose can impact the final price. Also, specialized formulations might be priced slightly higher due to their unique ingredients and benefits.

2. Size Matters

Bigger isn’t always better, but it does often come with a higher price tag unless it’s counterfeit. That said, the size of the Dove Body Scrub packaging can also play a role in determining its cost. Larger sizes might offer better value in terms of price per ounce, while smaller sizes can be a budget-friendly way to try a new variant.

3. Retailer and Location

Where you choose to purchase your Dove Body Scrub can also make a difference. Physical stores, online marketplaces, and even exclusive beauty boutiques might have varying pricing strategies.

Additionally, if you’re in a metropolitan area, prices might slightly differ from those in more remote regions due to factors like shipping costs and local market dynamics.

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Beauty on a Budget: Tips for Dove Body Scrub Enthusiasts

Since you’ve chosen to be a fan of Dove cream, the following tips might be valuable to you, especially if you’re on a budget:

  1. Compare Prices: Don’t settle for the first offer you come across. Take advantage of online platforms and visit different retailers to compare prices and snag the best deal.
  2. Keep an Eye on Sales Promotion: Retailers frequently offer discounts and promotions on skincare products. So, keeping an eye on sales events can help you get your favorite Body Scrub at a reduced price.
  3. Subscribe and Save: Some online stores offer subscription options where you can receive your chosen products regularly. These subscriptions often come with discounts, making it a cost-effective way to maintain your skincare routine.

The Beauty Buzz: Why Dove Body Scrub?

Indeed, there are loads of body scrubs on the market. However, if you’re thinking of why you should go for Dove’s, here are factors you may want to consider:

1. Gentle Exfoliation

Hoping for smooth, baby-soft skin? The Body Scrub’s exfoliating particles work their magic, sloughing away dead skin cells and revealing the fresh, radiant skin beneath. Unlike some harsh scrubs that can leave your skin feeling raw, Dove’s formulation ensures a gentle yet effective exfoliation, making it suitable for various skin types.

Mind you, while some users have called for the product to be a little more exfoliating, few others have complained about it being a little too abrasive on their skin. So, your experience will depend on your skin type.

2. Nourishment Redefined

Beyond exfoliation, Dove understands the importance of nourishment. Packed with moisturizing ingredients, the scrub doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils. Instead, it leaves your skin hydrated and pampered, striking the right balance between thorough cleansing and self-care.

3. Aromatic Escape

Who said skincare couldn’t be a sensorial experience? The Dove Body Scrub comes in a range of captivating fragrances, turning your shower routine into a delightful escape. Imagine the joy of indulging in the soothing scent of your choice while taking care of your skin – it’s a small luxury you deserve!

A happy customer has this to say:

My first impression was that I really loved the smell. It’s not too strong, not perfumey at all. It’s a light, milky, slightly sweet & creamy scent. Smells yummy!

Source: Amazon

From another customer:

I love it and it smells great but it doesn’t keep its smell after you get out the shower.

I’m sure you don’t expect the good smell to last beyond your bathroom.

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Final Thoughts

Investing in quality skincare doesn’t always mean breaking the bank. With its range of benefits and affordable pricing, the Dove Body Scrub is a beauty essential that’s well worth considering.

Remember, achieving healthy and radiant skin isn’t just about products – it’s also about self-care and embracing your natural beauty. So, whether you’re new to the world of skincare or a seasoned enthusiast, let Dove’s offerings be your trusted companions on your journey to beautiful skin!

As you venture into the world of skincare and beauty products, always remember to explore, ask questions, and find what resonates with your unique needs. With a Body Scrub, you’re not just investing in a product; you’re investing in your skin’s well-being and your own self-confidence. Happy scrubbing and here’s to the glow you deserve!

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