how to identify an original itel power bank

How To Identify an Original itel Power Bank

In today’s tech-driven world, power banks have become an indispensable accessory for smartphone users. With numerous brands flooding the market, it’s essential to know how to identify an original itel power bank, as it is amongst the popular ones in Nigeria. Doing so might help you avoid disappointment and potential hazards.

Quick Note: To identify an original itel power bank, focus on the packaging, product information, the product’s build quality, and its performance.

In this guide, we explain some reliable methods to help you distinguish between genuine and counterfeit itel power banks.

how to identify an original itel power bank

How To Identify an Original itel Power Bank [5 Ways]

Here are 5 ways you can identify an original itel power bank:

1. Check the Packaging Information

Packaging information is usually the first tell-tale sign of an authentic product. This information usually contains the brand logo, insignia, product information, and serial number. So, check for high-quality printing, consistent font usage, and correct grammar on the packaging.

While a faint packaging color may be a red flag, so are spelling and grammatical errors.

You should also inspect the packaging for a holographic sticker bearing the itel logo or brand insignia. This sticker often serves as a mark of authenticity and is challenging to replicate. It could be anywhere on the packaging, but it’s often found sticking the paper back to the transparent cover.

how to identify an original itel power bank

Additionally, focus on the itel logo, while noting the brand has adopted a new one. Make sure you’re familiar with the new logo and observe any inconsistency in the itel logo. Counterfeit products often have noticeable discrepancies in this area too.

2. Check the Product Information

Another way you can easily identify an original itel power bank is to examine the product information. This note is usually printed on the packaging, at the back. It usually captures vital information, such as the product model name, capacity, input type, size, and product content.

Most times, makers of counterfeits often get this information wrong. So, make sure you verify the product specifications and compare them with the ones on the official itel website.

Aside from the product specs, you’ll also find barcode and serial number on the back of the packaging. You can also verify the information using barcode authenticator app to ascertain the product’s authenticity. Original itel power banks should populate product information like the manufacturing date and location.

3. Examine the Build Quality

The build quality of an itel power bank is another significant indicator of its authenticity and performance. You can also identify an original itel power bank by paying attention to the following:

a. Material and Finish

Original itel power banks are constructed using high-quality materials with a smooth finish. Counterfeit products may feel flimsy or have rough edges due to inferior manufacturing processes.

That said, inspect the power bank for a sturdy build, good plastic quality, and well-aligned buttons and ports. Flimsy materials or uneven finishes are red flags.

b. Weight and Dimensions

While the weight and dimensions of the product are usually found amongst the product’s details, they may not correlate if the power bank is fake. Compare the weight and dimensions of the power bank to official specifications provided by itel.

You can also measure the product yourself to be sure of its authenticity. Deviations from these measurements could signify a counterfeit product.

c. USB Ports and Connectors

To identify an original itel power bank, don’t overlook the USB ports and connectors of the product. Inspect the USB ports and connectors for proper alignment and snug fit. Original itel power banks feature precise engineering, to ensure seamless connectivity with your devices.

4. Test Performance and Functionality

Another reliable way to confirm the authenticity of an itel power bank is by testing its performance and functionality. Here’s what to look out for:

a. Charging Speed

Connect the power bank to a compatible device and observe the charging speed. Original itel power banks should deliver consistent and efficient charging, whereas counterfeit products may underperform.

b. Battery Capacity

Verify the stated battery capacity against the actual performance of the power bank. Even if you may not tell the actual hours it’d take the power bank to be active when in use, you can work with your expectation of the specified capacity.

A better way to go about this is to check reviews of your itel power bank model. This way, you should have an idea of how long the product will last, and you’ll be able to examine yours in that regard.

Original itel power banks are expected to have undergone rigorous testing to ensure accurate capacity ratings and provide you with reliable backup power when you need it most. If otherwise, you may check notable alternatives, like Oraimo power banks.

5. Purchase from Authorized Retailers

To mitigate the risk of purchasing counterfeit itel power banks, it’s advisable to buy from authorized retailers or reputable online stores.

You can purchase the product from authorized itel dealers or stores close to you. These retailers often adhere to strict quality standards and provide genuine products backed by warranty and after-sales support.

Mind you, while patronizing online vendors, exercise caution when encountering significantly discounted itel power banks prices, especially from unknown sellers. Genuine products are priced competitively, and unusually low prices may signal counterfeit goods.

How Much Do itel Power Banks Cost in Nigeria?

The price of itel power banks in Nigeria ranges from NGN12,000 to NGN35,000, depending on the model and charge capacity. The product varies, especially in capacity. While the most common one is that of 20,000 mah, there are others that have 10,000 mah and 30,000 mah.

Note that 30,000 mah itel power costs around NGN25,000, 20,000 mah variants are often listed around NGN15,000, while the 10,000 mah version sells for about NGN12,000. It’s important to note the price ranges and be sceptical about promo and unbelievable offers.

To have an idea of the current price of the product, check on Konga.


In conclusion, identifying an original itel power bank requires attention to detail and thorough scrutiny of the packaging, build quality, performance, and purchase source. I believe with the guidelines outlined in this article, you can confidently distinguish between original itel power banks and counterfeit imitations.

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