how to identify original silver crest blender

How To Identify an Original Silver Crest Blender

When it comes to kitchen appliances, the blender is a versatile workhorse that can make your cooking adventures a lot easier. Among the many brands available, Silver Crest has gained popularity for its quality blenders. However, with the market flooded with various options, it’s essential to know how to identify an original Silver Crest blender.

Quick Tip: To identify an original Silver Crest blender, check for the serial code; assess the quality of the materials, lookout for clear product information, and focus on the font of the brand logo.

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps and factors to consider when looking for an authentic Silver Crest blender, especially for our Nigerian readers.

how to identify original silver crest blender

Why Silver Crest Blenders?

Let’s briefly discuss why you might want a Silver Crest blender in the first place. Silver Crest has earned a reputation for providing efficient, durable, and high-performing blenders. Here are a few key advantages that have made people choose the brand:

a. Quality and Durability

Silver Crest blenders are known for their robust build and longevity. They are designed to withstand the rigors of daily kitchen use to ensure you get value for your money. Well, that’s if you use an authentic one.

b. Impressive Performance

These blenders are engineered to consistently achieve smooth results. They are suitable for a variety of tasks, from preparing smoothies and soups to crushing ice for beverages.

c. Affordable Options

Also, Silver Crest offers a range of blender models to suit various budgets. This makes the product accessible for a wide range of consumers. On this note, make sure you note the difference between the Silver Crest 3000W and 4500W blenders.

Now, let’s get into the specifics of how to identify an original Silver Crest blender.

Here’s How You Can Identify an Original Silver Crest Blender:

You can identify an original blender using the following measures:

1. Find and Use the Serial Code

product_image_name-Silver Crest-Double Cup Powerful Multifunctional Blender- (5000W)-3

One of the most foolproof ways to identify a Silver Crest blender is to check the serial code. The serial code is typically located on the product’s base, often near the power button. It might be engraved or printed on a label. Just note that the number is usually ‘SC 1589’.

2. Examine the Build Quality and Materials

Another way to identify an original Silver Crest blender is to examine the build quality and materials of the product. This can provide essential clues about its authenticity. When examining the product, focus on the following:

a. The Blade

The blade of an original Silver Crest blender is a sharp, stainless steel component designed to blend, chop, and puree ingredients effectively. They are just three, and they sit on top of each other at the center, connected by a fastener.

Note that genuine Silver Crest blades are sturdy and durable. While the lowest blade is curved facing downward, the lower one is curved facing upward. The top blade is smaller and more curved, such that the two sides of the blade face each other.

Another point to note when assessing the blade of Silver Crest blender is the serrated edge design on one side of the blade and a smooth, harmless form on the other side. This zig-zag pattern helps improve cutting and blending efficiency, making it easier to process various ingredients smoothly. It enhances the blade’s overall performance in chopping and blending tasks.

b. The Body Construction

You should also note that original Silver Crest blenders have a solid, well-constructed feel. The base is a little heavy, and it feels sturdy when you handle it. Counterfeit variants often use inferior materials and exhibit flimsy workmanship.

3. Check the Branding

If you intend to detect a fake Silver Crest blender, you should also pay attention to the branding on the body. Authentic Silver Crest blenders will have clear, well-defined logos and labels.

Note that the Silver Crest logo typically features a clean and clear Sans-serif font. The authentic variants of the blender maintain this font in their logo, which is carefully designed for easy recognition and brand consistency. Counterfeit variants may have variations in the font or overall logo design.

Beware, even a slight difference in a brand logo is enough to detect a counterfeit.

4. Focus on the Packaging

how to identify original silver crest blender

You should also note that original Silver Crest blenders come in well-designed, branded packaging. The packaging box often highlights the key features of the blender. That is, you’ll see the coil material, blade, base, cover, container, and the stirring stick.

The font-based logo of the brand often features at the top and front of the box. In fact, it is the first note on the front. Again, maintaining a familiarity with this font could be the key to identifying an original Silver Crest blender.

That said, note that counterfeit products may have cheap, generic packaging.

Included Accessories in the Packaging

Make sure you always check for the accessories that come with the blender. Original Silver Crest blenders typically include a user manual and additional components, such as different blades and cups.

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How To Avoid Buying a Fake Silver Crest Blender

Here are ways you can avoid fake Silver Crest blenders:

1. Buy From Reputable Sellers

Unfortunately, Silver Crest has no visible brand website where you can check for authorized or official retailers. However, since the brand’s blender is a popular product, you can minimize your chance of buying ‘copied variants’ by patronizing reputable sellers.

2. Maintain In-Person Verification

If possible, visit physical stores and authorized dealers to make your purchase. This way, you can inspect the blender in person and ask questions to verify its authenticity.

3. Compare Price

When you just have to buy online, make sure you compare prices from different stores to arrive at the average price. At the moment, the average price of Silver Crest blender in Nigeria is between N20,000 to N40,000, depending on the wattage.

Mind you, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Counterfeit Silver Crest blenders are often sold at unbelievably low prices.

4. Check Warranty

Fake or not, make sure the blender you’re buying comes with a warranty. Genuine Silver Crest products should have warranties that cover manufacturing defects. This way, you can be rest assured that the product is covered for a stipulated period while you use and ascertain its authenticity.

Make sure you also know the difference between Kenwood and Silver Crest blender.

Final Note

Spotting an original Silver Crest blender amidst a sea of options can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. By paying attention to the serial code, buying from reputable sellers, inspecting build and materials, comparing prices, and scrutinizing packaging and accessories, you can increase your chances of making a genuine purchase.

Note that quality comes at a cost, and investing in an original Silver Crest blender will ensure you enjoy reliable performance and longevity in your kitchen.

In conclusion, when it comes to kitchen appliances, it’s worth taking the time to do your homework and make an informed choice. With the right knowledge and attention to detail, you can confidently enjoy the benefits of an original Silver Crest blender in your daily cooking adventures. Happy blending!

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