Ophylia Perfume, smell and how long it last

What Does Ophylia Perfume Smell Like? [+Longevity & Price]

So, you’ve heard of Ophylia perfume and you’re wondering what it smells like and how long it lasts? You’ve come to the right place. Here, you will not only discover how Ophylia perfume smells like, you’ll learn about how long it lasts, its sizes, and their price in Nigeria.

Ophylia Perfume, smell and how long it last

What You Should Know About Ophylia Perfume

Ophylia Perfume is renowned for its captivating scents. Crafted with a blend of exotic and natural ingredients, this perfume offers an alluring experience for those who love nice scent. Be it floral, fruity, or woody fragrances, Ophylia has different scents to offer.

One of the standout features is its longevity. As noted by various reviews, Ophylia Perfume tends to linger on your skin for a few hours, depending on the type you use.

So, in case you’re looking for a thoughtful gift, this perfume can be a nice choice. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or just to show appreciation, gifting someone an Ophylia Perfume bottle could put a smile on their face.

What Does Ophylia Perfume Smell Like?

To be candid, describing the scent of a perfume can be as complex as trying to capture the essence of a beautiful sunset in words. However, I’ll try to make you understand how this perfume smells like.

Here are different unique scents of Ophylia perfume:

a. It Smells Floral

While there are two main Ophylia perfumes: Ophylia Eau Du Parfum by Fragrance world and the Ophylia Legend Eau Du Parfum. The Ophylia Legend Eau de Parfum smells more fruity and floral. 

One of the signature scents from Ophylia Perfume is a beautiful bouquet, spiced up with ginger. When adorned with Ophylia floral scent, it could be like walking through a lush garden in full bloom on a warm spring day. The floral notes in the Perfume are delicate, yet they make a lasting impression.

You’ll most likely catch a whiff of sweet rose petals, evoking feelings of romance and femininity. Additionally, the fragrance also carries hints of jasmine blossoms, adding a subtle touch of sensuality to the mix.

b. It Has Vanilla and Woody Scent

Ophylia Eau de Parfum by Fragrance World is the most popular of Ophylia Perfume. It has an aromatic wooden scent unlike the floral Legend Eau Du Parfum.

To add depth and complexity to their scents, Ophylia uses ginger, cashmere wood, amber and sandalwood. Ginger adds a spicy warmth, while cashmere wood, amber, and sandalwood provide a woody and slightly musky base.

Sandalwood is a fragrant wood obtained from the heartwood of the sandalwood tree, primarily found in India, Australia, and other parts of Asia. It’s highly valued for its distinctive sweet, woody aroma.

The wood is used in various forms, including essential oils, perfumes, incense, and skincare products, due to its pleasant fragrance and potential therapeutic properties. It has a long history of use in perfumery and religious rituals, and its scent is often associated with relaxation and spiritual well-being.

The inclusion of sandalwood gives a warm, creamy, and slightly woody dimension to the perfume, making it suitable for evening wear.

How Long Does Ophylia Perfume Last?

How long Ophylia perfume would last depends on several factors, like the specific version you use, your skin chemistry, and how you apply it. However, here’s a breakdown of what I found for each of the two popular variants:

  • Ophylia Eau de Parfum by Fragrance World is generally reported to last between 6-8 hours on most people’s skin. Some reviewers mention catching whiffs even longer, while others feel it fades sooner.
  • For Ophylia Legend Eau de Parfum, reviews seem to indicate a slightly shorter longevity compared to the original Ophylia, with some users experiencing around 4-6 hours of detectable scent.

This could be due to the lighter, fruitier composition of Ophylia Legend compared to the more balsamic and woody version.

Tips for Maximizing Its Lasting Power

Here are tips to help you maximize Ophylia Perfume’s lasting power:

  • Apply the perfume to pulse points like wrists, inner elbows, and neck where your body heat helps diffuse the scent.
  • Apply on freshly moisturized skin, as dry skin absorbs fragrance faster.
  • Layer the perfume with a matching body lotion or shower gel to intensify and prolong the scent.
  • Avoid rubbing your wrists together after applying, as this can break down the perfume molecules.

How Much Is Ophylia Perfume in Nigeria

Perfumes often come with hefty price tags, especially those of high quality. However, Ophylia Perfume manages to strike a balance between luxury and affordability. Its price ranges from N6,000 to N17,000, depending on the size you opt for.

Mind you, the most common size of Ophylia perfume is the 80 ml bottle, and it costs around NGN15,000 – NGN25,000 in many Nigerian stores, including Konga. However, the product has varying sizes on some other stores, like Jumia.

Here’s a simple table displaying the prices of Ophylia perfume based on their sizes in milliliters (ml):

Perfume Size (ml) Price (Nigerian Naira)
25 ml NGN6,000 – NGN6,500
50 ml NGN7,000 – NGN10,000
80 ml NGN15,000 – NGN25,000
100 ml NGN25,000 – NGN30,000

Note that price of products often changes in Nigeria. So, it’s always better to verify current prices on stores like Konga or Jumia, as these are just ranges as of the time of writing this review (even though we review the prices constantly).

Where To Buy Ophylia Perfume

You can find Ophylia Perfume on various online retailers, including Jumia and Konga. This is a convenient option as you can browse through the different scents and read reviews before making your purchase. Some select stores and boutiques in major Nigerian cities also stock Ophylia Perfume.

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Final Note

I believe you now know the two variants of Ophylia perfume, how long they last, and their respective scents. Depending on your needs and preferences, you may find either of the variant satisfying. Just note that while one smells floral, the other smells woody.

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